Montgomery High School's First 12-hr Hackathon!

A hackathon where high schoolers from across New Jersey will meet and use cutting-edge technology to impact the community!


7:00 am: Doors Open


8:00 am: Students Register by Main Office/Front Entrance


9:00 am: Opening Ceremony @ MPAC


10:00 am: Hacking Begins @ Commons, Github Workshop


11:00 am : Web Workshop / Java Workshop


12:00 pm : iOS Workshop / Android Workshop


1:00 pm: Lunch @ Commons


4:00 pm : Snack @ Commons


6:00 pm : Dinner @ Commons


7:30 pm : Expos / Judging @ Gym


9:00 pm : Closing Ceremony @ MPAC

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All participants must be high-schoolers (less than 19 in age),

The team must be eligible and be a maximum of four people.


Judge Panel

Judge Panel

Judging Criteria

  • Technical Difficulty
    Is the app innovative, and expand the usage of the APIs it uses? Was it difficult to implement, and did it present challenges in order to create the application?
  • Creativity
    Is the app unique, does it have its own niche, or does it follow an app that already exists?
  • Impact on Community/Category
    Is the app useful, and does it have a collection of use-cases that make it applicable outside of a couple scenarios? How well does the app solve the goals it sets-out to achieve?